Believing Gets Hard ft. Yves Jones

"Believing Gets Hard" delivers an uplifting vibe from the start with inviting synth lines and a contrasting funky guitar melody that bops above a mid-tempo backbeat. The soft chords inspire hope in the ability to overcome obstacles that at first glance seem impossible. Think the positivity of Poolside mixed with the headiness of Washed Out. As the track builds to an anthemic chorus, Pirate Stereo proves that he still believes in love. Even when "philosophers are dead," and "the world is gone astray." The track's production was not an easy task and also required overcoming hardships. Agai began working on the track with collaborator Yves Jones in Barcelona in 2012. It wasn't until much later he resurrected the track, putting the finishing touches upon coming to Miami.

Despite this being Agai's first release under the moniker Pirate Stereo, he is no stranger to the Miami music scene. He's had a hand in multiple projects, even starting his own label Slap & Tickle, which develops a wide variety of electronic acts and holds monthly shows in the area.


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“Roosevelt's debut is a cocktail of disco, French touch, Ibiza house, yacht rock, and electropop that evokes some crowded Tiki-torch dancefloor lost on the Mediterranean coast.”


Roosevelt discusses the bands' Miami debut, inspiration behind their new album "Young Romance," as well as the interaction between love and music on the first edition of Slap & Tickle TV.

Watch a recap of Roosevelt’s last show at S&T show in 1306 Miami.